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Criminal lawyers in Mumbai

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Searching for the top criminal lawyers in Mumbai, India ? Today we present you Legaleye Associates, a high professionalism law firm in Mumbai.

The Criminal Procedure Code was codified in the year 1973 and provides for the procedure for the enforcement of the Indian Penal Code, and, deals with cognizable, non-cognizable offences along with the criminal court systems and the procedure of appeal from lower courts to the higher courts right up to the Supreme Court. The code includes provisions to speed up the judicial process, increase efficiency, prevent abuses, and provide legal relief to the poor. Treatment of those arrested under special security legislation can depart from these norms. The implementation of these norms varies widely based on the class and social background of the accused.

Legaleye Associates is gradually being recognized as a team of best criminal lawyers in Mumbai. Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai represent clients on a variety of criminal cases. At Legaleye Associates we practice criminal law with a rare passion to succeed. Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai are recommended as being one of the best criminal lawyers in Mumbai for criminal prosecution, criminal writ petitions, urgent anticipatory bail and quashing of criminal complaints and proceedings.

We endeavour to provide legal services such that matters are resolved early. Moreover, the Firm has always set for itself very high standards of professionalism. Our lawyers aim at providing cost-effective quality legal services whilst maintaining professional integrity at all times. Accordingly, our lawyers structure their fees to suit the clients’ need and objective. This may involve hourly rates, fixed fees, retainer arrangements or a combination of these approaches. However, whatever be the fee structure, our fees and charges remain fully competitive at all times.

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