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What Happens If Someone Makes a Personal Injury Claim Against Me?

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What happens if someone makes a personal injury claim against me? The answer to this question will depend on the circumstances of the claim. Fraudulent claims are common, and people who commit them have the experience to make their stories seem plausible. Insurance companies and private investigators are accustomed to detecting fraudulent activity. A legitimate claim may show red flags, including late submissions, influenced by third parties, or due to television advertisements promising help in claiming compensation.

If you have no insurance, you’ll need to hire a personal injury attorney. There are strict rules about when you can and cannot file a lawsuit. New Jersey allows only two years for a wrongful death claim, but this can vary depending on the age of the victims. In most cases, the statute of limitations begins on the date of the accident, or the day you learned of the injury. However, some exceptions apply.

The amount of a personal injury settlement will depend on the circumstances of the claim. Damages such as medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering will all contribute to the settlement amount. Other damages may be incurred, including punitive damages. Your insurance coverage will also play a major role in determining the settlement amount. If you have no insurance, the insurance company will likely want to avoid paying the full amount of damages. If you do not have insurance, the amount of money you receive will be significantly less than it would have been if you had been at fault.

In some cases, the insurance company may not agree to a settlement, and your case will be taken to court. In these circumstances, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer, since you don’t want to get into court without adequate insurance. You may need to change the story you tell to get a better deal. But you shouldn’t admit fault before consulting with a personal injury attorney.

If the other driver refuses to settle, you can try to negotiate a settlement. You can try to negotiate with them, but make sure you ask for copies of all quotes, including medical bills. The insurance company may be able to settle the claim if the other party signs a release. A court case may cost you much more. That is why you should not ignore the problem. If you don’t, the other party will start a court case against you, which will increase your costs.

When the other party files a personal injury claim against you, it must be filed in a small-claims court. This case involves the plaintiff’s insurance company, which is not the initiating party. However, the insurer is still a party to the claim, and if the lawsuit is accepted, the defendant’s insurance will pay the claims. If the defendant’s defence can convince the court that the plaintiff did not follow the deadline set by law, the case will be dismissed. With locations in Cherry Hill, Linwood Office and Montclair Office, Underwood & Micklin Injury Lawyers provide exceptional representation to clients across New Jersey. Visit and complete the firm’s online contact form to begin.