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The dangers of divorce law

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New York divorce lawyer extraordinaire Raoul Felder, who handled the celebrity splits of everybody from Rudy Giuliani to Christie Brinkley’s third husband, kept a pistol in the desk drawer of his Manhattan office for many years.

His reasoning was simple: “Everybody hates divorce lawyers, sometimes even their own clients,” he said.

That animosity was on display earlier this week when police said an Arizona man — upset over his divorce nearly a decade earlier — went on a killing spree that left seven people dead, including himself.

Dwight Lamon Jones did not kill his ex-wife’s lawyer Elizabeth Feldman, but police said he took the lives of two paralegals who worked for her and a prominent forensic psychiatrist who had also worked for Feldman.

“What happened in Arizona was crazy, but not surprising,” said Felder.

Divorces bring out the worst in people, he said. And practitioners of the delicate art of putting marriages asunder often find themselves trying to calm people down who are angry about having to pay alimony or child support — not to mention legal fees.

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