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Immigration attorney in Boston

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Why are businesses so concerned about immigration law and policy? Perhaps it is because, in a global economy, it is more important than ever that key personnel be able to cross borders expeditiously, with certainty and frequency. Perhaps it is because U.S. companies are competing more than ever with foreign companies for the best and brightest around the world.

Perhaps it is because shockingly high percentages of the top graduates of U.S. universities, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields, are foreign nationals. Perhaps it is because the government raids resulting in criminal prosecutions of employers and their managerial personnel for employing illegal aliens have caught everyone’s attention.

Perhaps it is because immigration laws create unintended consequences for employers involved in downsizing their workforces or taking other measures to cope with a down economy.

If you are a skilled proffesional and you want to live and work in the US you might want to get in touch with an immigration law office:


KZ Law Offices is an immigration law office conveniently located in Cleveland Circle in Brighton, Massachusetts directly next to the Green Line. This firm offers an extensive variety of legal services in the area of immigration law, including employment-based and family-based immigration, temporary tourist and business visas (and extensions thereof), citizenship and naturalization, and more.

Massachusetts immigration attorney and sole proprietor of KZ Law Offices, Kat Shnayder ,  immigration attorney in Boston, applies the highest standards to every case and passionately help clients overcome the challenges of immigration transactions and disputes. Attorney Shnayder promises to build strong attorney-client relationships based on trust, understanding, and support, promptly respond to any questions and concerns, and maintain open communication with her clients throughout the entire legal representation.

Bilingual attorney Shnayder can assist and explain immigration law to clients in both Russian and English. Additionally, she can translate legal documents and, if allowed, attend citizenship interviews with clients as an interpreter.KZ Law Offices assists clients in a wide range of matters, including:


Whether you are looking to visit the United States for pleasure, business, or if you would like to extend your stay a bit longer, Kat Shnayder can assist you with the preparation and completion of the required forms and communicate with the USCIS regarding the status of your application.

If you are an employer looking to hire a foreign national, attorney Shnayder can assist you with the preparation and filing of required documents for temporary work visas (such as H1-B, H2-B, L1, O or P1, including filing of the Labor Certificate Application with the United States Department of Labor).

Kat Shnayder can also prepare and file required documents for the family-based immigrant visas through marriage, family relations, or employment-based immigrant visas through job offers from U.S. employers.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Whether you are seeking help with filing out the required documents to become a United States citizen or want an attorney to accompany you to the citizenship interview, Kat Shnayder is here to assist you every step of the way. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to have an interpreter present during your citizenship interview. If that is the case, Massachusetts immigration attorney Kat Shnayder will be able to attend the interview with you as a translator.

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