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Legal Marketplace For Freelance Lawyers

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If you are looking for legal help, from consultation to representation or anything in-between, then embrace the modern way to engage flexible and freelance legal professionals anytime. Lexdot gives you easy and unrestricted access to world-class on-demand lawyers, fixed fee legal offers, and upfront pricing. Our global legal marketplace brings together independent legal talent.

In 2018, we founded Lexdot on the conviction that greater flexibility is the answer to improved access to legal services. The platform brings together future-ready freelance attorneys and flexible business lawyers and consultants to simplify the navigation of the sector, facilitate access to on-demand legal services, and foster industry-wide collaboration. As the new generation’s digital legal marketplace, Lexdot accommodates the market demand and supply and engages the modern breed of law professionals who want to work freely.

Imagine a curated digital legal marketplace where businesses and individuals can connect directly with vetted quality legal professionals for affordable practical legal consultancy on all aspects of business transactions, court appearances and written substantive work. Where you get free and transparent access to fixed-fee offers or work with your preferred legal professional any time. Lexdot is all that and more!

Today, Lexdot has become a leading legal marketplace for SMEs and individuals to explore direct access to fixed-fee legal solutions and a network of verified and reliable professionals for on-demand legal services. Flexible and freelance attorneys and freelance lawyers now have an abundance of opportunities to unleash their potential on a global platform without any hindrance and taking advantage of sustained collaboration. We still believe that the future of legal services hinges on flexibility and globalization. That’s what makes us the platform of the future!

We owe our customers a set of responsibilities that go beyond legal compliance as we disrupt the legal industry. Transparency, accessibility and quality. These principles are embedded in the way we do business. We are on a mission to remove some of the complexities that hinder easy access to legal solutions, create a future workplace, and position Lexdot as the dynamic bridge between the legal industry and the gig economy.