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Compensation claim to the injuries board Ireland

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Because we are experts in workplace injury compensation claims, we can ensure you receive the best advice and most professional service possible. Bot individually, and as a group we have the skill and experience to ensure you receive what you are entitled to.

In Ireland you do not need to engage a workplace solicitor to submit a compensation claim to the Injuries Board, who do the initial assessment. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people choose to do so because without a workplace claim solicitor you are at a distinct disadvantage. Extra details about Workplace solicitor in Ireland

Whatever type of injury you have sustained at work, your priority should be to seek medical treatment. Irrespective of whether you have been injured in a workplace accident or acquired an occupational injury over a period of time, there is no amount of compensation that can make up for a long term health issue that could have been prevented by timely medical intervention. Minor workplace injuries and the early symptoms of stress (for example) may not give you reason to consider a precautionary examination; however they have the potential to develop into serious illnesses.

A work-related accident compensation claim can result from any of these factors, and whenever you suffer an accident at the workplace, your primary concern should be that of your health. Many companies will have first aid provisions on site or, where your accident is of a serious nature, will call an ambulance to attend you. Whatever injuries you sustain, and no matter how slight you believe them to be, your work-related accident compensation claim needs to be supported by your medical records and the relevant entry in your employer?s “Accident Report Book”. So it is always in your best interests to seek a precautionary medical examination before making a work-related accident compensation claim.

Even when you feel you have escaped with minor injuries from your workplace accident, a precautionary examination is always a good idea. Not only will your doctor confirm that there is nothing seriously wrong with you, your attendance at his surgery will be recorded on your medical notes, which in turn are used to support your claim for workplace injury compensation.

Wherever possible, we will try to determine the strength of your workplace accident compensation claim, the likelihood of your success and how long the claim may take to process. On occasions, we may be able to give you an indication of the amount of compensation we would expect you to receive and, although you are under no obligation to us, advise you on the procedures involved to ensure you receive a fair and adequate amount of compensation.

You are invited to ask us as many questions as you believe are relevant to your workplace accident compensation claim, and often it is better if you have them written down before you call to ensure that every point you want to ask is covered. If you subsequently think of other questions once you have spoken with us, you are more than welcome to give us a further call.

However, as the general economy remains fragile, it may also be the case that employees are failing to report accidents and injuries that are sustained in the workplace for fear of what effect it may have on their employment prospects. Inasmuch as this argument is totally understandable, your employer has a duty of care towards you whilst you are working for him, and should you suffer an injury due to him neglecting this care, it will usually be his insurance company you are claiming against, rather than him personally.

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