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Deal with Business Structures in Divorce Cases

It is now commonplace that a corporate or business structure will fall to be dealt with by the divorce courts in financial remedy matters as a resource of one or both of the parties under¬†section 25(2)(a) Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (MCA 1973).¬†When considering a fair outcome, the court must first establish the value of the […]

Kim Reviews Grinberg’s International Taxation In An Era of Digital Disruption

Have you heard of “GAFA”? It is a commonly used acronym in Europe, representing the four most powerful American technology companies, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Recent legislative movement in Europe to impose a Digital Services Tax (DST) on gross revenue on a limited set of digital businesses targets those tech giants in effect, although […]

Immigration attorney in Boston

Why are businesses so concerned about immigration law and policy? Perhaps it is because, in a global economy, it is more important than ever that key personnel be able to cross borders expeditiously, with certainty and frequency. Perhaps it is because U.S. companies are competing more than ever with foreign companies for the best and […]